Simplify ISO 9001

 IRM360 - QMS

Quality Management System

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Save time and money with a simple, intuitive setup, management, and user-friendly interface.

Comprehensive Insight into Complaints and Customer Satisfaction

Achieve Optimal Control through the PDCA Improvement Cycle, in Alignment with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc.

Effective Control Over Quality and Management System Documentation

Comprehensive Support for Establishing and Managing an ISO 9001 Quality Management System

More and more organizations realize that managing risks is a combination of incident and complaint management, complying with laws and regulations, monitoring customer satisfaction, and achieving certifications. The context in which the organization operates determines what you need to focus on. Digitization ensures that there is a great deal of focus on information security and privacy, but quality management is a component of control for an increasing number of organizations.

To support these organizations, we have developed a set of management systems that can operate as stand-alone units or be integrated with each other. This prevents unnecessary "double" work and an integrated approach reduces the chance and the consequences of risks. The QMS for quality management is such a system that can also be integrated with, for example, an ISMS system for information security.

Focus on customer satisfaction

With the integrated customer satisfaction module, you can easily set up customer satisfaction surveys and send them to easy-to-manage mailing lists. The module offers various question types and the results are displayed in various dashboards.


Complaint registration & management

Complaints are easy to register and manage. Through dashboards, you can see where your complaints come from, and what the progress is of the treatment and you can easily report on this.

ISO 9001 management system under control

The QMS is based on the same "Engine" as all other IRM360 management systems. Controlling all tasks, from complaint handling, incidents, control tasks, and internal or external audio tasks are done via the Plan-Do-Check-Act system. If desired, you can also incorporate your training videos or tests into the system.

Almost all activities can be entered repeatedly so you need to record as few things as possible twice and save time and costs. 

The QMS dashboard gives you insight into the entire control system and specific reports such as a Statement of applicability, management review, internal audit reports, and management system documentation, and is tailored to the certification audit.


Standalone or integrated

The QMS is available as a standalone system or can be integrated into the CyberManager licences (Advanced or Pro) from which you manage IT, cyber, privacy and/or continuity risks and achieve standards such as ISO 9001.