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 IRM360 - BCMS

Business Continuity Management System

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Save time and money with no need for spreadsheets; our intuitive and user-friendly system simplifies operations.

Effectively Manage ISO 22301 and Achieve Full Integration with ISMS and ISO 27001

Integrated Management Systems for Business Continuity.

Organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of preparing for disruptions such as ransomware attacks, hacking incidents, utility outages, or natural disasters.

Cyber resilience, the ability to withstand such disruptions, is vital for an organization's survival, maintaining trust with customers and partners, and staying competitive.

The IRM360 management system's Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) identifies your organization's critical processes and systems. It aids in developing business continuity and disaster recovery plans, fortifying your organization against disruptions, and facilitating swift responses in case of emergencies.


Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)

With the integrated BCMS, you can easily conduct Business Continuity Assessments, registers and test continuity plans. The Dashboard provides direct insight into compliance levels, such as ISO 22301. Integration with ISMS and BIA assessments streamlines processes and prevents redundancy.

Moreover, IRM360 offers comprehensive functionalities like internal and external audits, risk registers, declaration of applicability, and management review—all available for the BCMS. Leveraging existing measures from the ISO 27001 ISMS eliminates duplicate work, allowing focused attention on ISO 22301 Annex A requirements.

The BCMS is part of the IRM360 Pro license.

Manage risk in one place

The risk dashboard and risk register provide valuable insights into organizational, process, or resource risks, along with the status of analyses and treatments.

You can easily select measures via risk treatment or using selection attributes. Additionally, the system comes pre-populated with a rich database of threats, ensuring comprehensive risk coverage.

The risk management system is part of the IRM360 Standard, Advanced, and Pro license.

Continuous improvement and insight into tasks

Central to our management systems is a continuous improvement approach that leverages risk management, policies, measures, monitoring, and audits. This methodology ensures the identification of deviations, testing of effectiveness, evaluation, and corrective measures.

Users can see at a glance all the executable
Plan-Do-Check-Act tasks and receive e-mail notifications of them.

Minimize audit pressure and costs.

Audit programs can be set up, scheduled, or repeated efficiently. Assigning improvement actions is straightforward, and the reuse of evidence simplifies implementation.

Using the Internal Audit dashboard, you can visualize internal audit planning, including recurring audits over multiple years. The dashboard provides visibility into all open and expired tasks, enabling easy management directly from this interface.

The audit management system is part of the IRM360 Standard, Advanced and Pro license.

Integrated E-Learning for risk awareness

Privacy and information security risk awareness is seamlessly integrated into our E-Learning management system, ensuring ease and comprehensiveness. This approach empowers employees to become strong links in safeguarding against risks rather than weak ones. Additionally, results seamlessly integrate into key processes, such as management reviews, for enhanced organizational oversight.

The E-Learning management system is part of the IRM360 Standard, Advanced and Pro license.




Especially for organizations that focus on ISO 2700 for information security, we have developed specific awareness programs tailored to the aspects of Physical, Human, Organizational, and Technical as well as Privacy. This allows you to fit in well with the Annex A requirements from ISO 27001 that are applicable from 2022.

Read more about our integrated E-Learning management system.

Simplify implementation and achieve compliance with standards.

We provide a clear roadmap for the introduction of the IRM360 management system, enabling swift and independent initiation.

Moreover, we offer several Quick Start guides and checklists to facilitate the implementation of various standards and frameworks, ensuring readiness for external audits.

IRM360 - Subscriptions

Depending on your subscription, the CyberManager Suite includes the ISMS, PIMS, CSMS, and/or BCMS management system

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